Pocket Babes 2 - Video Girls At Your Command- ipa

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Pocket Babes 2 - Video Girls At Your Command
Released: Oct 30, 2009Size: 117 MBLatest version: 1.0

Pocket Babes 2 - Video Girls At Your Command - Screenshot

Recommended for fans of Gym Babes, iGirl, Bikini Blast, The Sexy Ladies of Show, Suicide Girl, Sexy Spin, Wobble, peep Show, iStrip, Sexy Bikini, Kiss or Miss, Exotic Adult party Games, Hooters calender Girls, Maxim, Hot Girl, Fun, Women, and Men!

Pocket Babes APP SERIES! .......... which means that you get to play and command a REAL person to do whatever moves you choose!!!

Iconic Apps are proud to announce the release of Pocket Babes II - the ultimate in
Pocket Babes and Hot Babe entertainment!

Sitting at a desk all day with nothing to stimulate you?
On a train - bored on that long journey home?
Tired of looking at those lifeless pictures?

Ever wished you could whip out and play with your own personal
Pocket Babes from your pocket?

We've solved all your problems!

This is the SECOND
Pocket Babes app to be released in our unique series - using real video footage - which means that you get to play with a Pocket Babes REAL person, and this time, we have introduced colourful backgrounds, allowing us to make Pocket Babes II better than ever!!

Our forthcoming
Pocket Babes series of sexy, flirty and fun apps are set to take over your screens and will certainly keep your fingers amused for hours!

Pocket Babes Danni...... With her 3 sexy outfits,
Cowgirl, Salsa, and Bikini,
Danni will be sure to keep you company and up all night!

Danni is happy to move at your every command, and if you fancy a challenge she will play Tic Tac Toe with you!

You won't be able to put her down - You'll be amazed at what you can do with the touch of your finger.

Oh yes .......... and
Pocket Babes Danni also has some hidden talents, have fun discovering them!!!!

Don't forget to check out our first original Pocket Babes app - Introducing Jenny! With her 3 sexy outfits,
Cheerleader, Army, and Bikini,
Pocket Babes Jenny will be sure to keep you amused for hours!

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Notes : Pocket Babes does not incorporate nude or pornographic images.

Screen shots in
Pocket Babes can be taken during video play.

Pocket Babes application uses original footage and is protected by international copyright law.